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our hours are your hours

Our hours are set by our clients. We know how busy life is. We bring our events to you on your schedule.  Contact us for your next adventure.

If your organization needs RSOinstructors Our NRA Training Counselor/Chief Range Safety Officer  can certify Range Safety Officers and NRA Instructors in pistol, defense in the home and home firearms safety.

Our exclusive Mobile Training Trailer enables us to bring many of our courses to you. We can do individual and small group firearms training in the trailer itself using a combination of video, laser, Airsoft and Simunition cartridges.  


For our Realtor Safety & Security and S.A.F.E. Awareness courses, we can use hotel meeting rooms or private conference rooms with adequate floor space. We coordinate larger events with whatever facility is best for your customized training event. And don't forget this is a CEU approved course in the state of Florida. 

Our Rates

Due to the customized nature of our sessions rates vary based on the adventure, location and number of participants.  Our goal is to meet your needs in a fun, educational and entertaining manner.  We strive to meet different budgetary needs with our professional product.  

To discuss your scenario based training , please call us or e-mail us.  

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