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Triple T Defense is all about helping people of all ages and gender to be safe. We live in a dangerous world. Whether you travel to exotic places or stay close to home, there are hazards that must be mitigated. We have training opportunities for almost any situation. Our goal is to teach you to have tools for risk reduction and give you the confidence to live safe and empowered. In addition to our local training we have partners around the world and online who provide world-class training and support. Here are some of the services we can provide:

Travel Safety Training and Support for Business, Educational, and Personal Travel

Safety/Security Travel Support to Students and Student Groups

Realistic Training in Self-Protection Techniques and Defensive Tools

Civilian Taser Training by the only TASER Certified Civilian Trainer in Florida and the Southeast US

Firearms Training by NRA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors

Self-Protection Training for Sales Personnel

Protection Training and Policy Development for Physician Offices, Retail, and Small Businesses

Protection Training for Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Mitigation

Family Safety/Protection Training

Church Safety/Security Training

Through our network of Private Investigative and Security Agencies we can also provide:

Private Investigative Services

Executive Protection Services

Workplace Violence/Employee Termination Protective Services

Domestic Violence Protective Services

Group Travel Protective Services

Thank you for reading our blog. Our next series of Blogs will cover safety/security topics.

Triple T Defense

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