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Self Defense Tools

What are self-defense tools? The quick answer is just about anything that helps you defend yourself or your family. Some are more traditional such as pepper spray, stunguns, Tasers, and edged weapons. Other things you can carry on your person, a bright flashlight, defensive pen, or a striking device of some sort. If you don't have a defensive tool on you, there are many items available if you take a second to look around. A stick, rock, bottle, cup of hot coffee or tea can all be used to give you an opportunity to get to safety. Defensive tools give you something other than your natural weapons (hands, fist, knee, elbow, etc.) to use against an attacker that reduce your chance of injury. Many should be used in combination of other techniques to give you the best chance of getting away. For instance, a bright flashlight directed into the eyes of an attacker or a hot cup of coffee thown in their face give you a second to do something else like a kick to the groin or strike to another vulnerable area in order for you to run to safety. Avoidance is the best option but sometimes trouble finds you.

Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared.

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