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Awareness Check

How did your week go? Did you practice the awareness techniques we mentioned in our last post? If you did, you probably found it easier to do and almost subconscious after some practice. That is the goal, to be able to practice relaxed awareness when you are out and about and not be paranoid. If you were able to see something out of the ordinary that you would have normally missed, please let us know. We love to get feedback from our readers.

Think about the safety briefing you get from the flight attendants when you fly. In the unlikely event of an emergency, this aircraft is equipped with emergency exits in the front, over the wings and in there rear. Please take a moment to locate the emergency exit closest to you and remember it may be behind you. If you actually do this and count the rows to the exit, your brain will remember it if you need to use it. The same principle applies to other areas. In a movie theater, restaurant or a motel. Visualize moving to the exit. After I check into a motel, I will walk from my room to the emergency exit and count the doors. If the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night, I know exactly how to get out quickly. I can walk or crawl and by feel get to the exit.

there have been many instances where people are found dead from smoke inhalation in the hallways of hotels because they could not find there way out quickly. This technique is even more important if you travel overseas. Many countries do not have the same fire codes as the United States and you may not have much time to get out safely.

Keep practicing. It will get easier.

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